Wednesday, August 04, 2004


i dont really have anything to talk about today, i didnt have to work, so yay....i just want to say i had a great time at the wedding, thanks to TONYA CAUSE SHES REALLY COOL AND MY AWESOME COLLEGE FRIEND, LOOK ITS IN CAPS, SO UR NOT SECOND RATE....til tomorrow my friends

Monday, August 02, 2004

mrs. miller is my sister

yay for kristen...she got married this weekend, but she wasnt the lucky one....i date was FRIGGIN AWESOME....we were definitely the hottest brides maid/groomsman couple there.....anyway, i had a great time at my sisters wedding, it was good to see all the family again....i also got to go to my future college choice....purdue is definitely where i need to be next year

i just got off work about 30 minutes ago, it sucked a big one....not too much else goin on....congrats to kristen...until tomorrow my friends

Thursday, July 29, 2004


my sisters getting married in 2 days.....oh my dear Lord....shes going to become mrs. miller and im finally gonna have a leaving for purdue at around 4:30 and i cant wait to get up there to see my brothers in not just gonna have 1 brother, oh no, im gonna have 3 brothers, im so excited.....yay for my sister and not too much more goin on around here....girl problems pretty much resolved as they can be.....thanx to anyone and everyone who helped out with that... im sure i was annoying during that period of time, but oh well....until tomorrow my friends

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

a day off

all of the turmoil that has been going on inside of me is finally going to rest....luckily i dont have to work until next monday, so this week is a much needed week off....with everything that has been going on lately, im not really sure what i want at the moment, and the things i want, i apparently cant have due to reasons beyond my not completely sure whats going on, but until i find out, i think its best to just do what i can do to help.....its already been a long week and its only wednesday, i still have the wedding to go leaving for purdue tomorrow to be in my sisters wedding.....CONGRATS KRISTEN....if u need to get a hold of me call my always glad to hear from people...until tomorrow my friends

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

what a friggin night

well, last night sucked a big one.......i found somthing to do, but it didnt work out......i dont know what to do about this, im so confused about what to do, i know i should forgive and forget, and id love to, but i cant just sit back and take it.....if u dont know the story, u dont need to, or i just havent told u yet....i let people know about whats goin on in my life, but not everyone knows everything, if u think u should know give me a holler....its a long story.....
im gonna try to stick with u, but u know its got to get better, and i think that u understand that now, please work on it, dont disappoint me like this again....i like u, and im beggin u to work on things.....until tomorrow my friends


Sunday, July 25, 2004


hey there all....its me...long time no update...i just got back from indiana state university from a choral camp (yes im in choir and im not gay).... i had 2 solos (yes i did have a solo B.S.)....its a lot more than i had as gatch.... anyway it was a lot of choir director (jaimie spillaine) is the best choir director ever in the history of choir directors (GOULET GOULET)......i met a lot of new people, but im actually really glad to be home....i had work again today, but i have a week off so ill be sleepin a lot sister gets married this weekend im so excited for her!!!!!
i got to see betsy for the first time in what felt like forever last night... it was good to see her again, unfortunately it was cut short because of her parents though, but its all good.....i have nothing to do tonight, so give me a call if u want to hang out....well, thats my update, until tomorrow my friends


Saturday, July 17, 2004

It's me again

hey there anyone who reads this....which is probly nobody....but oh well..i worked again today, 6-2, and now im goin to see chicago tonight with connor (prop man, group #2)...its sure to be a good time....

i still miss betsy, who is still in montana....tomorrow i leave for indiana state university to go to a singing workshop, its gonna be great....ive worked with our conductor before, hes friggin hilarious....well, im gonna go take a nap....til tomorrow my friends